Unique Solutions for Government and Private Sector in Congo

Who we are

With the growing demographics, the DR Congo is the largest francophone market in Africa with about 90,000,000 million people. Endowed with vast natural resources, the DR Congo possibly the richest country in the world. The Democratic Republic of Congo is gifted nation that offers a diverse economic landscape with limitless opportunities in various sectors since the restoration of peace and the installation of a new political administration.

Project Management

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Our Vision

We strive to offer unique solutions governments and private sectors that impact people’s everyday lives while upholding the highest business ethics.

Corporate Value

The values that identify and guide Sycamore are:
Leadership: creating impact through tangible results
Flexibility: enhancing proximity to the customer
Reliability: building trust with customers based on excellence
Quality: whatever we do, we do it very well
Integrity: we are real to our customers.
Respect: we show respect to all people in their diversity
Focus: the customer first and everything else will follow.

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